Packaging dilemma

We love our product. It’s eco, it’s pretty and it just feels right. Soon it will be in stores as well. Trouble is, we need packaging. We had some great design done (partly by us, partly by the talented @gertonderweg from RCG  Groningen) and came up with something awesome.

Trouble is, it’s expensive. We sell a $5 stand, we cannot afford $1 packaging. Maybe we can get prices down and only use it for our $10 Bamboo version, but we still need packaging.

Do you have any creative low-budget packaging ideas? Cheap, eco-ok/friendly and stickerable would be the requirements…

Your suggestions are very much appreciated!

UPDATE 1: we need attractive packaging for in stores, that is the most important bit.
UPDATE 2: approx. measurements of the Wooden iPad Stands are 13 x 8 x 2.5 cm

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