The original
A sturdy, customisable and lightweight iPad Stand. Put your iPad in horizontally or vertical, with this stand you can.

– Lightweight
– Compact
– Strong
– All iPads fit
– Eco friendly (it’s good wood)

The Baby 
Smaller, lighter and just better. The Baby iPad stand. For iPad Mini’s and iPhones (4 and up)
– iPad Mini
– iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s
– Anti slip feet (included)
– Eco friendly (it’s good wood)


Do the Bamboo
– Varnished
– Lighter
– Stronger
– All iPads fit
– Even eco friendlier
– Fits iPhone 4 and 4s
– And the Kindle too!
The customized
– Have your own logo printed
– Available on wood (€5) and bamboo (€9)
– €120 initial setup cost
– All iPads fit

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